Changes to finalize and to Build phases

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Changes to finalize and to Build phases

Postby super_dipsy » 23 Mar 2017, 09:02

A couple of minor changes I will be putting up soon.

As some of you who read the forums regularly know, some time ago we put in a block on a new phase starting for 3 minutes. If you finalize within that time, it will not move the game on. This has caused some issues particularly with 2-player games with people finalizing quickly, then wondering why the game doesn't move. We are adding an error message now! So if you try to finalize in the first 3 minutes, you will get a message saying you can't finalize yet and you will need to try again in a few minutes.

The other is to do with Build phases. Although rare, it can be annoying when a Build phase has to wait when the only people with actions can't build because their National Centres are all full or are not owned by them. We are adding a check now to see if there are any players who COULD build. If there aren't, then the phase will move immediately on. This is particularly important for Shift games like we are going to have on April Fools Day, because NO-ONE owns their national centres, so it will be some phases before a proper Build phase is needed! But it does happen in other games, particularly when there are surrendered countries.
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Re: Changes to finalize and to Build phases

Postby StarkAdder » 23 Mar 2017, 14:45

Great innovations, especially the latter! It can be frustrating when everyone still engaged in a game has finalized and we wait for the surrendered/uninterested remainder to move the game onward....
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Re: Changes to finalize and to Build phases

Postby The SHIV » 23 Mar 2017, 15:36


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