A few questions

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A few questions

Postby BlunderCity » 17 Jun 2017, 08:08

Hey there,

Joined Playdip 3 months ago and I'm having a blast! It's been pretty successful, I completed 5 games and won them all! Shared wins only of course. Since surely I'm due a defeat, I was wondering how many ranking points I could expect to lose. So my question is this: Does a defeat make you lose the same number of points if it's against a solo and against a shared victory for my opponents? For the sake of simplicity, I'm assuming my opponents have the exact same ratings, say 1200. Would me losing to a 1200 player soloing make me lose the same number of points as me losing against 2 1200 players? Intuitively, I would think I would lose more versus a player soloing, because it's a better win for my opponent. But then again, wouldn't losing to 2 players make me lose more points since the losing points are spread out over a smaller number of losers?

Second question is regarding the "preferred countries" option when you register to a game. Sometimes, there are 3 drop down menus. What's that about?

Third question is regarding auto surrenders. I understand that, if you miss two turns, the system automatically surrenders you. Does the build phase count as a turn? I am playing a game (game number: 131645) that is in the very early stages and where Turkey has missed the fall of 1901 and has obviously missed the builds (4 centers, 3 units) but he has not auto surrendered. Could it be because you can choose not to build and that it is therefore mot an NMR if he doesn't? That kind of sucks because it's almost certain that the player is gone. He's not in bad shape yet (his game can still be picked up while it's healthy) and the situation is kind of disturbing the balance of power.

And my last question is regarding the "ratings shield". If I understand correctly, it means I can take over a surrendered country without suffering a loss of points if I lose but my shield then becomes drained, right? I assume that the surrendered player ends up losing the points, as if he never surrendered. But what happens to the rating of both players if I win? And is the shield still drained if you win that game?

Yes it is what it looks like. I am bombarding you with questions!

So thanks a lot in advance for you replies.
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Re: A few questions

Postby WHSeward » 17 Jun 2017, 08:23

1) No, it does not matter. Your change in rating is only a function of your result - solo, draw, or loss - and a loss to a soloist or to a draw is the same loss to you.
2) One of the options at game creation is "preferences" where players may list the top 3 powers they would like to play. When powers are assigned, the system takes the players' preferences into account rather than just being random.
3) Build phase NMRs never count to auto-surrendering
4) Your rating shield is charged when you start a game from the beginning. If you have a charged shield and you take over a surrendered position, your shield will be applied to that game and will appear as drained until it is charged again.
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